Dreams Come True

My Passion

I have lived in New Mexico the majority of my life. And while it is not my favorite place photography has shown me the beauty in the mountains and the amazing sunsets we have here. 

My Experience

In 2009 I was married to my best friend. I had a wonderful day and a very budget friendly wedding. However because of budget constrictions we were not able to hire a photographer. Some photographers quoted us $3,000 for the one day. My whole wedding was around $3K so I couldnt spent that much for a photographer. So we had a family friend take photos. Some a the photos came out well, like the one to the right, but a lot of the photos needed some organization that was just not there. I am disappointed that I don't have better photos to remember such an amazing day.

Then an idea hit me. Why not become a photographer and charge reasonable prices so everyone regardless of their budget can have gorgeous photos to remember their amazing day? That was almost four years ago. I love taking photos and I am so happy I took that leap. 

About the photographer

Stephanie Neufeld